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John Brooks

Author | Father | Creator


Thank you for taking the time to enter the creative literary world of, where magical things will begin to happen and evolve.  Our first project is very special to the Brooks family, the childrens book series about Grandma Brooks and her wonderful friends, Harry and Sally, the talking gecko lizards... Ssshhhhh thats right they talk, and only Grandma Brooks can hear them!!

Introducing a brand new children's book series...

Harry and Sally 

Written by John Brooks

Illustrated by Mary Dudelewicz

Behind the Creators of Harry and Sally...

        Allow us to introduce you to John and Maria Brooks, the creative minds behind the beloved Harry and Sally series.  The genesis of this enchanting series traces back to Maria's days as a grandmother when her son John's children were just little ones.  During those cherished bedtime moments, Maria would weave intricate tales featuring her two endearing reptilian companions, Harry and Sally.  These two inquisitive lizard characters possessed the remarkable ability to communicate with Maria, sharing many a secret and helping each other in the world of manners and showing respect for others.  These mesmerizing adventures were lovingly passed down to her grandchildren, creating timeless memories.

        Fast forward 25 years, and the indelible bond between Harry, Sally, and the Brooks family endures.  The significance of these characters has only deepened over time and family history.  Recognizing the potential to impart valuable life lessons, John made a heartfelt decision to introduce these captivating stories to a new generation.  Each book in the series now carries a poignant narrative that underscores the essence of treating loved ones and others with kindness and respect.

        As we journey through the pages of the Harry and Sally book collection series, we are invited into a world where imagination takes flight and where the warmth of cherished connections is celebrated.  Here you will find the values of respect for others deeply taught and beautifully illustrated.  With the launch of this series, John and Maria Brooks invite us all to partake in the legacy of Harry and Sally, enriching the lives of readers young and old alike.